Some Untold Holder’s History

Boscoe Holder and Bertice Reading
Boscoe Holder and Sheila Clarke 1954, Monte Carlo

The Holder family is very well known in England, the United States and the Caribbean have various talents, from dancers, talents, from dancers, choreographers to artists they all have been blessed with artistic talents. Christian holder is a good friend to Campbells and has always shared some interesting stories of his late father Boscoe Holder and mother Sheila Clarke. Here are just some slices of the little nits of history on the Holder’s life.

 Boscoe Holder, painting American actress/singer Bertice Reading, in her dressing room at the Piccadilly Theatre in 1955.

They were both members of the cast of The Jazz Train, along with Sheila Clarke. The show opened in April of that year,  touring London to Southend and Bournemouth. It was a  revue charting the evolution of the African diaspora’s musical manifestations. Each “carriage” of the Train was devoted to musical “stations” including Gospel, Blues, Cakewalk, Calypso, etc., culminating in standards of the 50s.

Boscoe Holder and Sheila Clarke both toured the world together performing in various theatres and plays. Here is the happy Boscoe and Sheila, couple the year before, 1954, in front of the Casino in Monte Carlo.  “Boscoe Holder and his Caribbean Dancers” were headlining the variety bill there. A publicity shot. 1954 was a good year for them; they performed in Finland, Belgium, France, Egypt, Spain, and Switzerland: always returning home to London with records, books, souvenirs and ethnic jewellery. Christian had the opportunity to perform with them in Belgium and France before he began primary school.

It is clear that Sheila Clarke was not only a star in the performances but in both Boscoe and Christian’s life. They both had beautiful paintings and drawings of Sheila Clarke throughout her time.

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