Mounting Services

Mounting Services

Mounting Services

Mounting Services is an integral part of our Framing operation as so many pieces of artwork inevitably require some form of mounting or mount presentation. At Campbells we offer most of the common forms of mounting in-house. We also can offer a host of specialty mounting techniques such as Chinese silk mounting for rice paper scrolls, strainer mounting for large works on paper to name just a few.

All of our mounting procedures and materials are to conservation standards at the least and Museum quality at the most. Our services include but not limited to the following:

– Mount Cutting – We carry a vast array of quality mount boards from several quality providers. We can cut mounts of varying sizes and shapes for your artwork projects. The largest stock mount board that we can work with is sized 2642 x 1525mm (104″ x 60″)

– Wrapped Mounts (Linen, Silk, Paper etc.) – If you need any special materials displayed with your artwork for functional or aesthetic reasons then we can assist. More common wrapped mount boards include linen and silk, but we can wrap with any flexible material that is required for your project.

– Mount Decoration (French Lines, Wash Lines, Painted and Gilded Bevels) – More classical works on paper sometimes require decoration on the mount to accentuate the artwork. We offer in-house mount decoration. Our mount decoration work is all done by hand.

– Cold Mounting  – We offer several Cold mounting techniques for prints and other such work. Our cold process uses rollers and
pressure sensitive adhesives onto various substrates to include, Aluminium / Dibond,  Kapa board, Foam Board, Mount board, Canvas and Linen to name a few. We also offer a service for Diasec™ mounting of your prints.