Karla Cornwall

Karla Cornwall

Karla Cornwall

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Karla Cornwall is an Abstract Expressionistic Contemporary Artist who specialises in original collaborative platforms of bespoke artistry by pushing the boundaries of individualism and creative freedom.

This was birthed at a pivotal moment in her life through experiencing a traumatic life event. Unbeknownst to Karla seeking assistance during this time naturally navigated a route to self-healing.

Art had started her healing journey. With a background in fashion, she naturally fused the love of it and art simultaneously. The process was effortless, a natural flow of energy, a sense of creative freedom, inspiration and balance. This has influenced a wonderful manifestation of haberdashery heaven on a variety of platforms. One in particular second-hand mannequins.

Karla loves to up cycle damaged mannequins and transform them into woven abstract expressionistic sculptures,

using materials like thread, synthetic wools, denim embellishments etc.

The distinctive techniques which Karla has mastered over the years, runs continuously throughout her work, challenging her craft with exciting new projects.

“Creating art for me is like meditating with my eyes open. I get lost in my emotions, as it allows me to connect with my intuition. Art has played a massive part in my life, by helping me to explore my imagination which jump started my healing journey, it gave me hope, excitement, inspiration and freedom. And I wish to extend those feelings through my artwork to world. Especially to those who need that something to make them feel alive again.

Because everyone needs a space to be their true authentic self and I have defiantly found mine.”

Karla Cornwall