About Frank Lavis

About Frank Lavis

Frank Lavis

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Beauty of the Beasts is an amazing collection of on the scene photography in the wilderness of Africa. The collection mainly features the works of French Photographer Franck Lavis. It also includes a few guest pieces by the acclaimed photographer Christian Ghammachi. All of the works were shot in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Franck Lavis “Through my works, I wish to share with you the emotion I felt during my shots : ‘When you meet the look of a big cat looking at you, you will never forget it’ !” The great news of the release of Nelson Mandela and the re-establishment of  flights between Paris- Cape Town in 1993 motivated Franck as an airline flight attendant -his former profession- to discover a country that he has always dreamed of visiting: South Africa.

Along with his wife Astrid the couple quickly felt in love with the country and the diversity of its magnificent landscape as well as its historically and archeological significance. They discovered the majestic wilderness of the Kruger National Park on their maiden voyage. “Our first contact with the animals and especially the big cats will stay engraved in our minds forever.”

Inspired by the expressed desire of their five years old son Valentin who dreamt to seeing elephants : they then decided to organize a second safari a few years later and again it was an immensely self fulfilling experience shared amongst this new family of three. With that a big family passion was born, and since then they started doing trips twice a year travelling between the Greater Kruger Park, the Kalahari desert (Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park), Etosha National Park and around Namibia an other country with breathtaking landscapes.

The photographic result thus far has been has been carefully taken shots of over a hundred days in the deep African bushveld from where Franck has come to know more and more about what animals feel in the wild. Capturing and transferring these feelings, experiences and lifestyles from the African wilderness to your private space thousands of miles away is at the core of his works.

“My first shots taken with a basic Fujifilm S95, it is like a trigger mechanism for me and this is how my wonderful photographic adventure started and have since mushroomed into an amazing collection.

After being awarded the ‘Samsung My Photo’ of the ‘Salon de la photo 2008 Paris’ prize, Franck decided to invest seriously in some Canon cameras and lenses in order to keep the promise that he made to his son :’If I win I will become a professional photographer’.

With Franck’s work you benefit from 6 passionate eyes, and one skilful photographic technician.

Campbell’s Art  are delighted to be associated with this photographic creator and are pleased to present his exhibition ‘Beauty of the Beasts’ on display from June 6 2016. The collection includes 21 carefully selected limited edition glossy photographs chromogenicaly printed and mounted on an aluminium substrate then floated in a lovely Campbell’s box tray frame. There is also a coffee table hard cover photographic book with 100 crystal quality photographs.

Both the book and the works are on display at our gallery.