About Leroy Clarke

About Leroy Clarke

Leroy Clarke

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“For the past fourty-five years I have been attempting to make sense of a vision of humanity that dwells in me. ‘Eye’ have come to understand, after the musings of much labor, only the task of re-charting the ruins, particularly of an African soul splayed across a hostile world.”

“This journey has taken me through a series of works which amount to an epic moment of self-discovery. One can embody the whole world in a personal word! For me, Art is not a thing apart from one’s life, but rather the languaging of life itself … It is the ‘how’ of life. That Art, that life, is determined by sustainability of an intense and continuous creation of self where every word is a climb, a perfection, an attempt to rarer states of grace.”

LeRoy Clarke was born in Gonzales, a suburb of Port of Spain, in 1938, where, in an almost tribal, primarily African community, he became keenly aware at a very early age of Afro-Caribbean religious beliefs and folklore.

A teacher and self-taught artist, Clarke went to New York in 1968 where he sought to provide a validity and integrity to his African heritage. 

Clarke is meticulous in his presentation, building his images through a series of glazes, sometimes using resist methods for texture, his brilliant colours weaving intricate patterns. He represents life, regeneration, promise and hope. 

He is definitely considered to be one of the masters of brush in this region of the world.

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